"Among the trees and plants we find security. "

Despite the uncomfortable situation we are all going through due to the worrying virus that has the name COVID-19, we are guaranteeing all the services necessary for well-being, even though the circumstances are challenging.

All of our efforts and concerns are being channeled to keep our HOME clean and safe. Yours and our well-being, health and safety will always come first. In this way, all employees have specific guidelines and cleaning and hygiene measures have been reinforced in all areas of our establishment.


We are in this situation together and we are counting on you to create unforgettable memories and even stronger bonds. Know, that the friendliness, the good mood and the unique experiences will remain and await you.

In order for safety and well-being to be a guarantee for everyone and especially for our guests, staff and community, temporary measures have been taken with guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Directorate-General for Health (DGS).

These measures can be found here .

Depending on the evolution of COVID-19, these measures may undergo some changes, so that everyone's health is preserved.