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Water is a precious asset.

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The Earth’s surface is about 70% covered by water.

However, 97% of this percentage is made up of salt water, present in the tides and oceans and only 3% represent fresh water, this one found mainly in solid state in glaciers and the poles.

The water that is available to us, represented by groundwater and surface water (lakes and watercourses), corresponds to less than 1% of the total volume on the planet. Thanks to its extraordinary physical characteristics, water is an essential element for all ecosystems and is the habitat of countless living beings. It is also a fundamental resource for the metabolism of plant and animal species.

Over the past 30 years, global water consumption has doubled due to population, world and economic growth.


  • 70% of available water is used in agriculture

  • 22% in the industry

  • 8% in domestic use

  • 884 million people do not have access to clean water

  • more than 2.6 billion do not have basic sanitation

It is assumed that by 2025, up to two-thirds of the world’s population will have to deal with water scarcity. Precisely for this reason, water as a true distillate of life, assumes a decisive importance at an international level. Even today, this precious element is the main reason behind numerous conflicts; in the future, its scarcity could be the trigger for any war.

At Bukubaki, we built 2 wells for the water that we use to irrigate the land and for the swimming pool, reducing consumption, while the bathrooms and showers use mains water.

The smallest attention is enough to save some water. If you turn off the tap when brushing your theeth, ate the end of the year you save manu liters of water that would otherwise be wasted. Small gestures can help improve the situation we are in and make you more aware too.

Do not waste. Help us make this World a better place.

We often do not pay attention to how it is produced and managed. Behind this energy, there are often wars over the supply of fossil fuels, exploitation of resources and population, destruction of the enviroment and damage to our health.

Electricity is a secondary source of energy or energy carrier. Being difficult to acummulate, it must be consumed at the time it is produced. It is usually produced in large thermoelectric power stations that use fossil fuels (coal, oil or gas) as a primary resource. The average efficiency of the electricity production system is very low, around 30%.

About 60% of total electricity production comes from the use of non-renewable sources such as coal, oil and gas. We are consuming and wasting, at a worrying rate, valuable energy reserves of fossil that took thousands of years to form. Their use is creating devastating effects.

Dams built to build hydroelectric power stations are destroying rivers. We advise you to do your research on the damage caused by dams.

At Bukubaki we installed solar and photovoltaic panels to reduce energy consumption. However, we also ask for your help so that we avoid all unnecessary waste.

Just remembering to turn off the light when it’s not needed is a small step that can make a difference.


Energy is a key element.

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