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10 Things to do at home during quarantine

Updated: Jul 23

Life changed again. In March 2020, the Portuguese people stayed at home and in May they started to go outside. On the past Friday, 15th, we were confined again. The pandemic crisis has led the Government to tighten the circulation restrictions. This is a worldwide situation, therefore, we all need to learn how to live at home and be productive without being a great sacrifice to us.

After a few days of quarantine, anyone has no idea what to do at home. But don't despair! We have selected some suggestions that will make you forget about being closed at home.

And not wanting to spoil the surprise... fun will not be missing! It's up to you to decide!

1 # Stay active Being in quarantine doesn't mean being on vacation. If you can't go to the gym or running, you can exercise at home. You can use a personal trainer remotely or watch at exercise videos that are available online, just search! You just have to choose the one that best suits your needs, predisposition and conditions. Stay active!

2 # Learn a new language

During your quarantine, several online courses became free. The same applies to language websites and apps. Just do a little research and you will find several options.

3 # Meditate

With children studying or playing at home, remote work and the usual household chores, it can seem to be a bit hard to devote some time to yourself. Before going to sleep, or before the whole family wakes up, set aside a few minutes of your day to practice meditation. Learn how to control anxiety and stress.

4 # Invest a little in your self training

And those who speak about learning new languages, also speak of acquiring or improving knowledge in a certain area. Do you remember that course you wanted to do for so long? Take advantage of the quarantine to achieve that goal.

There are many companies and educational institutions that offer certified online courses and training - some of them are even free. Invest in yourself!

5 # Use your hands to work What better timing to start learning DIY and crafts techniques with what you have at home? For these types of things, the sky is the limit, put your imagination on practice or get inspired by videos, books or images. In addition to being able to use almost any material, you can create something that really suits you at home and you may still be able to keep the little ones busy. But be careful and let the toilet paper where it is... let's not do that again. Let's get to work!

6 # Improve your skills on the kitchen Nothing better than taking advantage of the quarantine time to test your cooking skills. With your family at home, feel inspired to prepare them meals worthy of a Michelin-starred Chef. If you need inspiration, search on pinterest, visit websites or cooking magazines online, listen to podcasts or watch videos or programs about this topic.

7 # “Relieve” the house As if to say, do a cleaning and organization in the depths of your house to get rid of all the junk that is just taking up space. Take the opportunity to organize your clothes, throw away what you can no longer use, donate what can be used by those who need it most, or even sell online, when the situation normalizes. From the wardrobe to the storeroom, through the office and garage. Free your home from what you don't need.

8 # Improve your reading habits Remember those books that are dusting on the shelf or being eaten by bugs in a drawer? Well, it's time to disconnect a little from the technologies and start using them, or even acquire new ones. If you have children at home, make it a habit to read a story to them before they fall asleep, teach them to read the first words or create the “reading moment”. This means that at a certain time of the day, the whole family stops what they are doing at the moment and goes to read a chapter in a book. This activity can be done individually or in a group, where everyone chooses a book and each member reads a chapter a day.

9 # Plan your next escape

Sometimes, in the with so much stress and fatigue, meditation doesn't help, so maybe it's time to plan your next trip, getaway or tour. You can do a search of the best spots, those that attract you the most, those with the most attractive prices or those that are located in the place that attracts you the most. This way you will not only have an idea of ​​where to "run away" when this situation calms down, but you will not have to waste any time organizing, since everything is already planned. Don't forget to consider Bukubaki!

10 # Traveling without leaving home Even with the difficulty of traveling at this moment, it is possible to see the world without leaving your home. It may seem like a very cliché sentence, but several museums and cultural centers around the world offer virtual tours. One way to get to know these spaces online is through Google Arts & Culture. This is valid even for museums that you dream of visiting, as many of them have this type of visiting. Not to mention "traveling the world" through books, movies, TV shows focused on this theme, documentaries or even YouTube channels.

These are our tips for keeping your mind healthy and productive during this times at home. We hope that you'll take advantage of some of them and that we will all become better humans when this situation reaches its end. Hold on and better times will come! Be productive!

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