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Be honest, you've been a little lighter on your shoulders lately with the news that the little ones have already been able to go back to school... But you still have to put up with them on the weekends... (we are kidding, it’s always a blessing to have them around) However, even though it’s a blessing, sometimes it's a bit difficult to keep them busy and that’s what we’re approaching you for today.

Check out some ideas shared by us "experts" on how to keep them busy during those "lame" periods. And with World Children's Day coming, it really comes in handy!

1# Teach them things they don't learn at school

How about turning an afternoon into a learning moment? (But keep calm, they already have a lot to study...) Teach them things they don't learn at school! Like different household chores, cooking, different organizational tricks or who knows? You can even teach them gardening... the choice is up to you.

In addition to your little ones learning a new role in the house, they will be more than happy to learn it with you.

2# Little Photographers

Choose a photographic theme (like “red”, “birds” or “water”) and challenge your children to think creatively. Go out with them (pay attention to all necessary precautions) and encourage them to capture the theme in different ways.

At the end, gather all the photos captured and discuss ideas all together!

3# A real treasure map

Draw a simple map of your backyard or even your home, with clues and ask your "minimeu" to navigate from one track to another while exploring the house or the yard. The clues can be shapes, colors, letters, signs, numbers, objects, trees, etc. And who knows, in the final destination you may even find a little treasure!

4# Party is on!

Have you ever thought about letting the children organize a party? Ask the children to give the ultimate fake party and to create their own games, such as the Game of Chairs, or whatever, let them unleash the creativity that runs in their veins. Then you can have a “real” family party!

5# Mini-Picassos

Do you have the privilege of having a backyard? If the answer is no it doesn't matter, a balcony will do, too! Grab your artist and take the painting box outside. It is more fun to paint outside the four walls, and you can also help them to have a different perspective.

Bonus: Painting outside the house ends up making things less messy!

These are just a few suggestions to help you cheer up your children on this upcoming World Children's Day. Remember that, in addition to our tips, you can directly question your children about what they would like to do. Surely, unexpected ideas will come up!

Finally, we propose that you participate as much as you can in these activities, so that the kids make the most of your company and keep even happier memories.

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