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Bukubaki wishes you Happy Holidays!

First of all, Bukubaki Eco Surf Resort wants to wish you a Christmas glowing with joy, illuminated by love, full of harmony and full of peace.

The holidays are a great opportunity to spread all the joy and love. All Christmases are different, but the union and celebration are maintained, as well as the offering of gifts.

We have reached this time of year when all thoughts intensify, especially those that remind us of what is really worthwhile and what is truly important in making others happy, especially due to the pandemic situation this year. Although we are fully aware that this Christmas season we will have to have some restrictions, and yet we do not want to stop giving gifts. We can think of them in another way, such as providing an unforgettable experience, a break from everyday life or a mental retreat for those who are special to us. In this way, we not only contribute to a smaller ecological footprint, but we present a peaceful mind at this time that we need it so much.

We must not forget that, at this time, buying in stores or national enterprises help to support the national economy, which support has become more important than ever. Small and large companies count on all of us.



Well, now you can offer an unforgettable and unique experience for those who are most special to you. An adventurous or peaceful experience, you decide. At this point when we are already tired of these troubled times, is there a better gift than an experience in contact with nature to free our mind?

Bukubaki has made possible to purchase personalized gift vouchers, according to the experience you want to give. Contact us via email or phone with your preferences and values ​​and we will take care of your order.

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