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Updated: Jul 22

“Sustainability is the ability to develop economically and socially while respecting nature, it consists in using natural resources rationally and avoiding causing damage to the environment, it is to guarantee the survival of the next generations”.

Last week we had the privilege to celebrate World Earth Day and that's why we want to leave you with some tips on environmental sustainability that will help increase your green footprint on our planet. Future generations will be grateful. Each of us can contribute to leave value on this planet, putting small / large environmentally positive attitudes into practice in our daily lives. You have probably read or heard about this subject several times, but it is worth repeating:

1# Saving water is the key

  • Close the taps when not in use;

  • Turn off the shower while lathering or shaving;

  • Repair faulty pipes in order to avoid dripping or leaks;

  • Collect rainwater and use it to water the plants.

2# Respecting the Earth and not polluting is also sustainability

  • Avoid using plastic bags;

  • Consuming less beef - helps save water and prevents deforestation;

  • Prefer organic products - they are healthier and do not harm the soil with pesticides;

  • Avoid the use of chemicals in cleaning the house, washing clothes and dishes. There are several homemade tricks, as well as biodegradable cleaning products that decompose in nature, which can be used in these cleanings.


  • Separating garbage for recycling decreases soil pollution;

  • Making homemade compost - in addition to being good for the planet is a great way to always have fertilizer for your plants.

4# Do not contribute to the extinction of wild fauna and flora

  • Do not consume food or products derived from endangered species;

  • Plant trees - choose native species that are at risk of extinction. Trees are of great importance when it comes to keeping the air healthy and clean.

5# Saving energy: it's good for us and for nature

  • Turn off the lights in the rooms of the house when you are not using them;

  • Do not leave the television, radio or other device on if no one is using it;

  • Open the windows and enjoy the sun - it is more pleasant and good for your health;

  • Unplug all the cables after use;

Finally, we would also like to ask you spread and share the importance of preserving nature and its benefits, it is important to teach children to be sustainable, as the future of the planet depends on it.

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