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Retreat in Natureza

Explore feelings of renewal, in the warmth of our forest and find the rest you well deserve. At Bukubaki we prepare your retreat according to your needs.

Yoga Lessons

Our yoga lessons, help to awake senses of well-being, in harmony with nature, with specialized teachers focused on providing our students with the best experiences of contact with nature, body and soul.

Peace in Nature

Our resort is prepared to host groups of retreats, whether in shared accommodation or even individual accommodation: among our tents and tree houses, you can choose the accommodation that best suits your needs. All of them are framed with the nature that surrounds us and convey the peace of our forest so that you can experience a true retreat in nature.

Sea Air

Our resort's proximity to the sea is the perfect touch to your retreat on the coast of Portugal. The wonderful beaches that surround us have the necessary ingredients to boost your self-esteem, improve your mood and calm your restless mind.


Not only do we provide a detox from the hectic life, but our food options are adapted to your retreat. With healthy, vegan and vegetarian options, we are able to respond to your needs to bring calm to your interior as well. Not only is Portugal the perfect destination for your retreat, but the Bukubaki Eco Surf Resort offers the necessary conditions for you to be in harmony with your mind and body again.

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