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Trips, picnics, ice cream and swimming a lot. The hottest season is different for each person. Summer is the time that leads us to the greatest and most memorable adventures. It's in this season that the best and warmest moments are created. With the arrival of the sun and the awakening of energy, it's time to create new memories. And it turns out... we're precisely here to help you having the best memories ever. So, we selected 5 super interesting spots to enjoy our beautiful Capital of the Wave (PENICHE). Check it out:

1. Cabo Carvoeiro

Cabo Carvoeiro is located at the western end of the Peniche peninsula, in an area of ​​great scenic beauty due to the curious geological formations that the sea has carved out over time, such as Nau dos Corvos, a huge rock whose shape is reminiscent of a large semi-wrecked vessel. This place, which offers breathtaking views of the sea and the Berlengas Islands, is also an excellent point for observing seabirds.

2. Praça Forte de Peniche

The Praça-Forte de Peniche had its origins in the 16th century in the so-called Castelo da Vila. Over the years, the fortification that exists in this location was subject to numerous restructurings until, at the end of the 17th century, the stronghold as we know it was built at the end of the 17th century. This stronghold is of great importance to the Portuguese as it was from this fort that several personalities escaped during the dictatorial period among them, Álvaro Cunhal, a great communist fighter.

3. Gruta da Furninha

Here, traces of the Neandartaal Man, the present Man, the fauna of the Quaternary, hunting utensils and several pieces of pottery such as suspended vases were found. The traces found here can be seen in the Municipal Museum of Peniche.

4. Forte da Praia da Consolação

The Fort of Praia da Consolação is located in the parish of Atouguia da Baleia within the municipality of Peniche. It was erected in the context of the War for the Restoration of Portugal's independence, at the initiative of D. Jerónimo de Ataíde, 6th Count of Atouguia and lord of Peniche, in 1641, to reinforce the defense of the south inlet of Peniche, crossing fires with the Peniche stronghold. The work was completed in 1645, having undergone expansion works in 1665.

5. Berlengas

We could not complete this list without mentioning the magical natural phenomenon, the Berlengas Islands archipelago. If you have a weak stomach, you should prepare it, because to get there, only by boat. We still think it's worth all the effort! It is formed by three peculiar islands called Berlenga, Estelas and Farilhões, the largest and most emblematic is the Berlenga Island. In these islands you can find unique manifestations of animal and plant species, as well as a unique beauty and landscape. And with this last one, we say goodbye. We hope that we have completed your tour of Peniche a bit more. Now just put the backpack on your shoulders and let's go! See you soon. The Bukubaki team.

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