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"Yoga is the cessation of mental fragmentation."

- Patanjali

This word is associated with meditation, breathing and harmony practices. Yoga is a way of working our body in a balanced way, uniting body and mind, with extraordinary results when it comes to our feeling of well-being, inside and out.

The benefits of Yoga are extensive, but in the end, they all come down to our true well-being. We now enumerate some benefits of this spiritual art:

  • Decreases stress through meditation and focus on the present

  • Increases self-confidence, concentration and body awareness

  • Strengthening muscles and flexibility

  • Helps with body aches, with posture exercises and stretches

  • Improves sleep, with increased melatonin and body relaxation

  • Improves balance

  • Improves breathing

  • Strengthens the core

Yoga is also recommended for practitioners of other sports, one of which is surfing. This happens because these two practices, together, can have a symbiotic effect on the performance of each of these activities. After all, Yoga teaches us to be patient and to develop our practice of concentration in situations that challenge us daly, helping to provide a balance between body and mind.

At Bukubaki, our Yoga classes are adapted to all levels and, our location, in the middle of the forest, allows a true connection with nature.

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And remember, true success in life is harmonizing the body with a peaceful mind.

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