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Bukubaki has the following accommodation available:

  • 1 Bungalow unit

  • 4 Treehouse Tiny units 

  • 2 Treehouse Wide units

  • 1 Sharing Villa unit

  • 1 Sharing Villa Deluxe unit

  • 10 Canadian Room Family units

  • 4 Canadian Room Group units

  • 5 Canadian Room Comfort units


Reception is always available for any clarification or information. The opening hours of Bukubaki can be found here. If the Resort temporarily closes, you will be informed in advance.


The use of the swimming pool is exclusive for Bukubaki guests. Its opening hours are from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.


Our skate bowl is always open to public, except when there are skate lessons in progress or any temporary official announcement that says otherwise. All bowl users must to register at reception. The opening hours are the same as the swimming pool. On high season, only guest may use it.


Bukubaki offers a wide range of activities that can be found here. It includes skateboarding lessons, surfing lessons, yoga lessons, equipment rental and wellness centre. However, in order to provide you with more experience during your stay, we have a range of activity partners for this purpose. The reception will be happy to let you know a little more about our region.


In front of our reception you may find our small shop, with the same opening hours as the reception. In this store you may find souvenirs, postcards, local art, selection of natural and products, organic cosmetic products and clothing collection.


Gastrobar Juncal n6 is open to public. The restaurant and bar timetables can be found here. We advise you to make a prior reservation request for your meals at the restaurant or through your contact here.


In front of our reception you will find our small shop, with the same opening hours as the reception. In this shop you can find souvenirs, postcards, local art, a selection of natural and organic products, organic cosmetics and a clothing collection.


There is a laundry in the resort that works with tokens, available at the reception:

  • Laundry 7kg: 6€

  • Dryer 15min: 2€

The price includes laundry detergent. The fabric softener will have an extra cost of 1€.


We offer a cleaning service on the fifth day of your stay and every fifth day thereafter. However, there is a daily cleaning service with an extra fee of 10€ per day. Towels are changed every third day of your stay. This service can also be daily at an extra cost of 2€ per day.


Our guests can use our private car park, free of charge. Our parking consists of:

  • 15 parking spots uncovered inside the resort

  • 8 covered parking spots in front of the resort

  • 1 parking space for people with disabilities

  • 10 parking spots uncovered beside resort

  • 3 parking spots uncovered for electric cars



Payments are only accepted in euro (€).


Check-in hour is after 4 pm and check-out until 11 am. For a late check-out, it must be upon availability, confirmed at the reception.



  • 0 to 2 years old: free of charge. One child up to 2 years old will be accommodated free of charge in a crib (maximum 1).

  • 3 to 10 years: one child under 10 years of age will be accommodated in an extra bed. The price applied will be according to the season and typology;

  • Over 10 years old: is already considered an adult. The price applied will be according to the season and typology.


  • 8 days before: free of charge;

  • 0 to 7 days before: charge of 50% of the total reservation price;

  • Customer no-show: charge of 100% of the total reservation price;

Bukubaki will ask for you credit card details and will charge 50% of the reservation amount, 7 days beforethe arrival, following the cancelation policy.


We ask our guests to respect the quiet period between 23h00 and 07h00. Our staff is authorized to supervise and act in case of violation of this rule, which could lead to immediate abandonment of the resort.


Bukubaki is an Eco Resort and its construction was inspired by the natural balance that surrounds us. We encourage our guests to honor and respect all forms of life, so that together we can preserve nature and minimize our eco footprint and noise pollution.


The resort is open to public and you are welcome in our common areas, with the exception of our swimming pool.


All pets are welcome at our resort on a leash. However, they cannot stay in our accommodation.

General Rules



Any value that the guest brings to the resort is their responsibility and Bukubaki is not responsible for any damage or loss of the item.


The resort is cleaned and inspected by the housekeeping department before and after any arrival and check-out to ensure a high standard service and a comfortable stay. Any damage or cleaning issue that is noticed upon arrival must be reported to reception immediately. If they are not reported within 3 hours of arrival, the guest is responsible for any damage to the property and for any missing items. Any maintenance issues must also be reported to reception so that we can act accordingly and keep the resort running smoothly. 


Smoking is not allowed within the resort facilities for security reasons, as is the use of open flame. The use of candles is not recommended. A 250€ fine will be charged if we notice that a guest smoked inside the facilities.


There is a fina for damages relating to Bukubaki's bed linen and towels:

  • Cushion cover: 14€

  • Single sheet: 10€

  • Double sheet: 20€

  • Single duvet cover: 50€

  • Double duvet cover: 70€

  • Small towel: 4€

  • Medium towel: 17€

  • Large towel: 15€

  • Feet towel: 10€

  • Beach towel: 25€

  • Bathrobe: 40€


Bukubaki Eco Surf Resort customers have the following rights:

  • Use the facilities and services in accordance with the provisions of this regulation;

  • Know in advance the prices charges;

  • Require the presentation of the regulations of the Bukubaki Eco Surf Resort;

  • Keep the respective reserved accommodation in good condition, prevent entry into it and the opening of its windows and doors;

  • Require the presentation of the complaints book, even in the case of expulsion;

  • Make suggestions in order to provide better services;


Bukubaki Eco Surf Resort customers have the following duties:

  • Comply, within or in the vicinity of the Bukubaki Eco Surf resort, with the authority of those responsible for its operation;

  • Comply with the hygiene conditions implemented, especially those referring to the destination of waste and dirty water, washing and drying clothes and prevention of contagious diseases;

  • Install your equipment so as not to harm other guests;

  • Do not use any acts likely to annoy other customers, namely making noise during the silence period and using radio-broadcast receivers or simulators during in such a way as to harm the peace of the other guests of the development;

  • Do not light a fire and comply with the other measures to count fires in force;

  • Comply with the signs of the Bukubaki Eco Surf Resort and the instructions of the person responsible for its operation regarding the circulation and parking of vehicles and the installation of accommodation equipment;

  • Treat Bukubaki Eco Surf Resort staff members and other customers with correctness and politeness;

  • Identify themselves whenever requested by the person in charge of the enterprise or auxiliary person;

Costumers are not allowed:

  • During the period of silence, wash dishes or clothes;

  • Wash dishes or clothes inside the changing rooms, as they are only intended and solely for personal hygiene;

  • Destroy or harass cultural heritage;

  • Tie ropes, wires or other material to trees, without being covered with rubber;

  • Use wires, ropes or other material at a height of less that 2.5 meters from the ground;

  • Transpose the existing fence at Bukubaki Eco Surf Resort;

  • Playing with balls outside the designated places;

  • Use existing natural resources for unforeseen purposes;

  • Planting or sowing without authorization;

  • Make use of firearms air pressure or other weapons;

  • Make fire outside the places intended for this purpose;

  • Leave the dirty please where they were installed;

  • Open pits;

  • Raising flags of any kind;

  • Sell any type of good within the Bukubaki Eco Surf Resort;

  • Take objects or documents belonging to the enterprise;

Guests must also refrain from:

  • Ostensibly make commercial, political or religious propaganda;

  • Make subscriptions or any collection without authorization from the person in charge of the enterprise;

  • Post any writing or design without authorization from the person in charge of the enterprise;

  • Make use of pointless furniture improvisations such as crates, among others.

Protect yourself from Covid 19


In order to prevent the spread of infection by Sars-CoV-2, all customers are requested to wear a mask inside the main building, changing rooms and other closed facilities. If they do not have one, a mask will be made available, so they should wait outside.​


In this way, all our customers are made aware of the basic precautions for the prevention and control of COVID-19 infection, namely by:

Personal Conduct:

  • Hand hygiene - wash your hands frequently;

  • Respiratory etiquette - coughing or sneezing into the bent forearm or using a tissue;

Social conduct:

  • Social distancing - between customers and workers, avoid clusters;


Any customer with signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and an epidemiological link, or who identifies another customer in the enterprise with criteria compatible with the definition of a suspected case, must inform the reception by telephone. The client must not leave the enterprise and must not go to the hospital emergency room, the health center or private practice.​

In case the customer is in their accommodation unit in the "Tree House" or "Bungalow" typology, they must remain the same as an isolation room. If the accommodation unit is of the "Canadian Room" or "Sharing Villa" typology, upon the manifestation of signs and symptoms, the service manager will accompany the client to the isolation room, whenever possible, maintaining a safe distance, using surgical mask and disposable gloves. ​


If the customer is not in their accommodation unit, they should analyze the distance where they are, in order to analyze the shortest route between the accommodation unit and the isolation room. If the suspected person is a client, Bukubaki Eco Surf Resort should contact the SNS 24 (808 24 24 24), awaiting instructions from the health professionals and the clinical decision.

The NHS health professional 24 questions the signs and symptoms and epidemiological link compatible with a suspected case of COVID-19. After evaluation, the SNS 24 informs the validation or not:

  • If it is not a suspected case of COVID-19 - the Enterprise informs the client of this non-validation

  • If it is a suspected case of COVID-19 - the NHS 24 contacts the Doctor's Support line (LAM), from the General Directorate of Health, to validate the suspicion. From this validation, the result could be:

  • Suspected case not validated, this is closed for COVID-19. The NHS 24 defines the usual procedures that are adequate to the client's clinical situation.

  • Suspected case validated, the DGS activates INEM, INSA and Regional Health Authority, starting the epidemiological investigation, managing contacts and confirming a suspected case in the enterprise.


In order to avoid and restrict the direct contact of workers and clients with the suspected case of COVID-19 disease and to allow social distancing from it, an isolation room was created. Bukubaki's isolation room is located in the main building on the first floor. The entrance to the building should be done by the shortest route, advising the restaurant's side door, followed by the stairs, the isolation room is the last door on the right. ​


On the first floor, just after the stairs, there are 5 doors, on the left side there is only one door, from the terrace, on the right side, there is the sauna door and the bathroom door, at the bottom of the side. right to isolation room and, opposite an office. In suspected cases, this floor is reserved for the person responsible and the suspected case, with the bathroom being exclusive to the suspected case.

This insulation room has the following characteristics:

  • Mechanical ventilation system - air conditioning

  • Smooth and washable wood coverings (no rugs)

  • Chair and/or table

  • Kit with water and some non-perishable foods

  • Waste container (with non-manual opening and plastic bags)

  • Alcohol-based antiseptic solution (available inside and at the entrance to this area)

  • paper wipes

  • surgical masks

  • Disposable gloves

  • Thermometer

  • Used clothing collection bags

Some of these products are stored in the respective warehouse and reserved for emergency needs. The circuit to be made to the isolation room should be the shortest between the location where you experience symptoms and the isolation room.


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For full consultation of the Internal Regulations, please consult reception.