We cannot stop the Waves, but 

we can learn how to Surf*

Surf Lessons

Surf Lessons and Surf Rentals are open to public. 


For further information or for booking a Surf Lesson, please contact us directly


Surfing is a lifestyle, a unique experience that teaches you to dance and play with waves, receiving strength from the ocean and learning the great lesson of focus. All professional instructors of Bukubaki Surf School are passionate about helping their students find their own personal style and creatively express themselves.


Small groups sessions are offered to pay greater attention to individual progress and errors. At Bukubaki we give you all the information you need to approach and practice surf safely, learning how to live the “water” element discovering its dynamics and learning to play with waves. High quality equipment to ensure your success and safety is provided, as well as transport to the beach.



Private Lessons


Group lessons


Surf Guiding