Sustainability ate Bukubaki Eco Surf Resort

" Because we are ecological and sustainable, the basic operating principle, reduces the Impact on the natural environment and promotes environmental education." - Bukubaki

Bukubaki believes that it can be characterized as innovative and differentiating when it comes to sustainability. The great objective is to return Man to his natural ecosystem and to show that it is possible to live in tranquility and with a balanced lifestyle, which is not an aggressor of the environment.

Our resort is built from natural materials and uses renewable energies which results in a harmonious combination of convenience and sustainability. This is the vision of the project and that is why it is so characteristic in its area. Canadian Treehouses and Canadian Tents make up our main accommodation offer.

We encourage the implementation of ecological measures, visible or not, in order to reduce the impact that our resort has.

The main measures already implemented stand out:

  • Mandatory recycling with separation of food waste;


  • Use of recycled materials, for example: paper;

  • System of LED lights and sensors;

  • Water filling system;

  • Use of environmentally friendly products;

  • Local foods produced organically;

  • Use of computer support as a way to send and analyze documents;

  • Energy efficiency with the use of photovoltaic and thermal energy;

  • Partnership with Geoparque Oeste, candidate for UNESCO world Geoparque

  • Biosphere Committed Company

  • 100% electric transport, with no CO2 emissions